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I am about to start my own website but before I make alive I would like to as you this. Should I do seo myself or save time and invest money into some seo service that will optimize my website and make it rank on the first page of Google?
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If you have money and don't mind to spend it on SEO then it will produce best results for you than doing it yourself.
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DIY SEO may take longer time to produce the ROI (If you're starter to SEO). I prefer you to give to any SEO service companies who is doing ORGANIC WHITE HAT SEO.
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I ll suggest you to hire an experienced SEO person for your website for long lasting results.
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SEO is a time-consuming process and need more effort with quality work to generate genuine traffic on a website. If you are beginner in SEO, than it will be more beneficial for your website to assign this work to other SEO solution expert. SEO experts have potential to get ranking on search engine using white hat SEO techniques.

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