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Suggest me .NET Hosting Provider in Europe

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I’ve been looking and researching .net hosting provider for the past few weeks. Please kindly help me to choose the best .net hosting provider for me. I will be more details about my requirement below.

The site does not use a lot of storage or bandwidth, it does need good CPU performance, likely same with RAM. My concern now is hostforlife. I have checked their windows hosting plan and it seems they fit my requirement. Their price is also affordable, and what I like they are European based hosting provider that has many Europe datacenter.

Currently averaging 1500-2000 visitors a day (45,000 a month, best month was 100,000 users). Website is global focused but users are primarily from West Europe and North Europe, followed by Russia.

Must Haves:
– Support latest .net version
– Dedicated IP
– Support domain aliases
– E-Mail
– MSSQL database
– 99%+ Uptime SLA
– European DataCenter (Netherlands or France are great point)

Hopefully that’s enough information..
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Website Hosting and DNS (domain name server) are totally different things? you can register .net domains with pretty much every hosting server!

Check our hosting offers: http://letsforum.com/Forum-Web-Hosting-Offers

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