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Suggestion for a Link Building Analysis

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A customer wants to have a better position with a keyword (he has already a great position, but he wants more...). So he need a bit of extra link building to have better position in serp(this niche is very competitive so on page is not sufficient).

He asked me to do a Link Building Analysis to find good link opportunities.

How can i structure a good report? I need something like a seo Audit for link building.
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Probably word doc with identification of what makes a good link, and your criteria.

Then a list of link opportunities with a rationale on which would work and which would be a long-lead (stretch goal - e.g., getting a link on CNN).
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Well I am not sure what is your strategy but I would do it like this:

First spy on the websites that rank high for those keywords (competitors) finding out about the amount of backlinks they have and their social media signals.

When generating backlinks report it's crucial that you get the URL (web-page) of the each backlink so that you can try to get a backlink you your customer webpage from the same URL (web-site).

The goal is to get more backlinks!

Now try checking their social media pages and see how relevant they are to the keywords they are ranking high for then duplicate what they do and make it even better.

There are many paid SEO software that will generate a report which will compare your site with up to 10 high ranking websites and tell you what they have that yours doesn't so that you fix that.

Here it the list with top and best SEO software and services:

My favorite is iBusiness Promoter IBP

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