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Text content vs images SEO?

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Which content is better for seo text or image?
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Definitely text! Images are worthless as they don't carry any message.Google needs content to work with and it means text not images. So for SEO text is the correct answer!
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Text is better because search engine crawl the text, not images. To describe an image ALT tag is used.
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As you know content is the king of ethical search engine optimization. Images helpful to represent the content and without images you cannot get success in social media optimization.

Even images push back the video marketing. Once upon a time video marketing is pretty much popular and now I am sure it was kicked by Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest images & other Image sharing portals.

Basically, a website must satisfy the user. Website with lots of images doesn't fulfil the requirements of the users all the time (Of course it depends on the niche).
For Ex: A website related to funny images doesn't want to carry more content.
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Content is King and most important in Search Engine Optimization, without image content is not good.
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You can go for both, content without image can be boring and uninteresting. But, if you add images plus good content. Then, your good to go.
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Both the factors have equal importance. Probably content is most important than images. At least you require say about 15-20% images as compared to text.
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Content is the most important thing in SEO as search engine indexes content and not images.
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At this time Google said That content is king, So Text is better than Image.
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Definitely Text content is better than image seo,because search engine crawl the text, not images.

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