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The best mobile traffic?

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Whats the best guys?
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Could you please add some more information? What are you trying to do/achieve? Are you referring to CPA affiliates?

Some of top mobile traffic sources.

1. Google AdMob Ads
2. Addictive Mobility
3. Jumptap
4. Airpush
5. Medialets
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I get my traffic from Bluagile.
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Mobclix – A large mobile ad exchange for your apps. Boasts higher eCPMs and more ad networks.

Mojiva – This is another mobile ad network for you to design a mobile ad, create keyword lists, target users,and launch a mobile ad campaign.

Buzzcity – BuzzCity is another global advertising network to target consumers around the world on mobile phones and devices.

Rhythm New Media – Rhythm media targets mobile audiences and is for publishers to make money from their mobile apps and websites.
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Google adwords, social media marketting, effective posts/articles etc.
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Bluagile and Mobclix is what i use , hope this is what u r looking for

being more specific on your question will make us answer better
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(12-11-2015 06:25 AM)TrishaM Wrote:  I get my traffic from Bluagile.

what is Bluagile?
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Google Adwords,social media marketing,etc.
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(06-25-2014 03:57 PM)Uzzal Wrote:  Whats the best guys?

Addictive Mobility
Google AdMob Ads
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Mobile data traffic- for cell phones the measure of non-voice things, for example, site pages or YouTube recordings that individuals are surveyed with their mobile phones
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1.Google AdMob
3.Medialets / Servo.

Google this topic

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