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The language of Advertising?

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What language is the bets for adverting? Let say I decide to advertise online and I would like to target Germany do I have to type my message in German or let say English?
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English is the language of the internet marketing, most people speak it, but if you are targeting a specific country it's best to use that country's language.
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Use the common nationalized language English. When you're targeting specific region - I agree with @Marcus comment that its better to use the localized language.

Disadvantages of using the local language when advertising:
User may sees them a Non-Standard advertisement. Doesn't meet the trustworthiness.
May considered as a local company not a BRAND seller/company.
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It depends on the keywords you are targeting!

Lets say your keyword is "SEO" this keyword is the same no matter what language you speak.
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At this stage I am not targeting any keywords just like to find out more about online marketing.

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