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Tiered Link Building does it still work in SEO?

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Just watched an amazing video tutorial on YouTube about this new backlink building strategy called "tire backlinks" and it sounds very powerful way of boosting PR and rankings but since this is straight from black hat seo tactics I am wondering is it still works?
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Black hat SEO tricks and techniques work very fast but the down side is that sooner or later you will get caught if lucky only get penalized and dropped from high rankings if not lucky get kicked out of the search engine. Doing other than white hat SEO it's like playing with fire.

Tiered Link Building refers to a technique of generating backlinks to your backlink. You have a backlink from high authority and PR web-site now the link has minimum amount of SEO juice so to increase it we are going to generate tier backlinks to that already existing one, now the trick here is that we then are gonna generate and point backlinks to this second stage backlinks so it becomes like a funnel or a pyramid.You can even create third stage if you wish. The more backlinks you create pointing to that one link the more SEO juice your website will receive from it.

Just be careful since this is not a new way and Google probably already found the way to identify it.
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You have to have complete control over the primary link to rename it if needed because if you loose it all those backlinks you generated will be useless. It's a good idea in the theory but has just too many unknown factors involved and I don't like to operate like that. I like to do my SEO and know what to expect.

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