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To create a website how much do you have to pay?

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To make money only you need to have a website or a blog but since most of us can't create a professional website we are forced to use either open source or free website templates however there are a few of those who wish to pay money to professional website designer and my question is how much does it cost to create a new website?
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A new professional website can cost as much as 4,000 or 5,000 US dollars but it depends on what you want!
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You can simply use open source website and to make it different from others just design your own website theme or pay someone to so it for you it's much cheaper than paying for the whole site!
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There is noway I am spending that amount of money on the website! I am going to download a free website template modify it and use it as my website thanks very much!
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Each company has their different packages to charge depending upon business objectives and its size. Website design cost basically depends on what you are trying to create i.e intricate graphics and functionality, number of pages, content.

Basic web design packages start from $450 and vary to $900 depending upon project functionality.

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