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Too many 404 errors hurt SEO?

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maria Offline referral

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After I deleted some posts my Google webmaster tools account shows a ton of not found 404 errors, I always mark then as fixed by the come back after a few days. I am wondering if these 404 not found errors somehow have a negative impact on my seo? If so how to fix it?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Support Team
YES the do in fact Google doesn't like websites that have too many errors of any kind. Use "301 redirect" to redirect any 404 not found to your homepage.
vishal Offline referral

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Yes sure, They can decrees the performance of the website, make slow and some other bad effects will show on website...
KevinMax Offline referral

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I agree with @marcus_avrelius comment.

But 404 pages will obviously comes for E-commerce sites/forums...etc. I think Google give some places for those kind of sites. It doesn't really hurt large quantity websites.
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Make sure those pages are not loaded with SEO juice if so then it's better to 301 redirect them to home page!
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Yes there are too many 404 page can down the website speed and google never like to run the website with to much 404 pages..

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