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Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online Tutorial

make money online
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What is up guys Victor is here thanks so much for stopping by.
There are so many ways to make money online thousands of ways but in this tutorial I'm gonna share with you my top 10 ways to make money online.

The first and easiest way to make money online in my opinion is with teaching and training so the Phoenix University does a great job with this they teach people and have classes online. Also another good example would be my good friend Marie who teaches female entrepreneurs how to build and grow their business online through different ways of teaching them. I am very excited about this cause this is something I've been doing for five years now is teaching people about different topics how to grow business online so teaching and training will be number one.

Number two would be providing a service. Now this is for people that really maybe don't have a lot of money to get started or not really sure about what to do. You can easily provide a service and start making money online so my buddy over there has an amazing business where he is editing a lot of different podcast and building his business around a service. If you're a graphic designer you could build a website do graphic design do transcribing people's audio so again it's a great way to get started is offering a service.

Number three is creating and selling products. So again if you got content you can package it into a book into a DVD into a CD into a lot of different products that you could sell online. HubSpot has an amazing software where they're selling their software each and every month to different business owners. So think about different products that you could create and sell online it's a great way to make money.

Number four would be membership sites and continuity programs.
These services have a continuity program each and every month
free to do email marketing so membership sites and continuity.

Number five will be affiliate marketing or selling other people's products. My buddy Nick has done an amazing job of learning how to do affiliate marketing by building web sites and creating content that is highly ranked in search engines, sells other people's products where he gets commission. Also David does an amazing job with this and he actually shows each and every month how much he makes from all the affiliate marketing that he does so again affiliate marketing, creating content and selling other people's products services and software he great way to make money online.

Numbers six would be building a site and selling ads. So my body Marcus did this when he first started out. He actually started a celebrity gossip site and had millions of visitors each and every month and sold advertisements on that website based on the traffic. Tina also does an amazing job with this as well creating an empowering inspiring content and then selling ads through there as well, so build a web-site and sell advertisements.

Number seven is selling sponsorships for branded content. So another great example would be John he's making over fifty thousand of dollars a month right now from selling sponsorships for his specific podcast and for his website .So it's a great way to get creative around what content you're creating and then finding the brands that you could sell packaged sponsorships to for your content.

Number eight is creating and promoting events and this could be online events or off-line events. Michael is a great example of this he has a lot of events each year had over 2 thousand tickets sold for very high ticket price. Now he does live events and also does online workshops each year as well and he's got a pretty significant business by simply hosting events and selling tickets.

Number nine would be masterminds and coaching. So a good friend of mine as an example would Jonathan where he's got a year-long mastermind and weekend retreats of coaching. So each month he's got coaching he's got retreat that brings all his community together and he's got a year-long mastermind that he sells for high take a price so masterminds and coaching

And finally number ten top 10 ways to make money online will be
just getting creative with how to make money. So another good friend of mine Jason he actually sold his own last name for over forty five thousand of dollars. So he also had other creative ways where he sold himself he sold T-shirts everyday he wore a new t-shirt with a brand and he made money off from selling t-shirts that he wore. So you can get very creative, it doesn't have to be the traditional way of creating products or selling a service or having a membership site you can get created as Jason did and make a lot of money by just being creative.

So again there are thousands of ways to make money online, these are just my top 10 I hope you guys enjoy this. If you have any other creative ways to make money online please leave a comment below.
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Nice article buddy! This is perfect for beginners!
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thanks for sharing
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Great post indeed!!!It is helpful and eye-catching post .A big thanks to you for sharing such a shareable content with us.
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Its so outstanding thread .A lot of thanks to share with us .
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It is essential to keep up with good quality post or content that can help increase value of your campaign.
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Thank you for sharing these helpful tips.
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It is informative indeed thank you for sharing your ideas.
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I agree with maybe the first few but not all of these. Teaching is indeed a good earner and I would try this myself online but I do think you need some sort of certificate before you can teach online. Anyways thanks for sharing the tips, we shall try different ways you never know what will work.
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If I would choose to start with 10th one will be my choice. Thank for this information.
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Its a nice tutorial for all those newbies who are planning to earn online, they should read it carefully and follow it.
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Thanks Victor; really helpful and useful!
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cool article dude! it may help which can I implement now On.. thanks to sharing this.
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Thank you, good post.
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great job...thanks for sharing us...its so much helpful for beginners.
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Amazing Post ....so much helpful....thank you so much for sharing with us.
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Well I make money online thru reselling. I'm a beginner so I'm still in the whole process. I'm not an expert but I am continuously learning.
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It is important to keep up with high quality publish or content that can improve value of your strategy.
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Extraordinary post indeed...It is useful and eye getting post .A major on account of you for sharing such a shareable substance with us....

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