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Top Black Hat SEO Tricks?

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As I have already stated in my previous topics I am thinking about trying black hat seo and I know that it's has as many tricks and techniques as white hat seo except the fact that black hat seo does work!

Do you know any good balckhat seo tricks that will increase my Google rankings?
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Black hat SEO is not some kind of evil it's simply everything that is not your normal SEO, most of the time SEO tricks are really black hat SEO.

Here is one for you. Find out which of your web pages has high PR then add a few anchor links into that page which will become high PR backlinks. Make sure the web page is relevant to your anchor links!
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Some top Black hat SEO tricks are such as hidden text, IP delivery, 301 redirects, cloaking, paid links, keyword stuffing, misspellings, and scraping.

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