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Top Notch SEO Plugins for Magento 2.0

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seo Suite Ultimate

This is the best plugin for seo and makes your Magento e-commerce website an seo friendly website. plugin feature enhances with meta tags, rich snippets, reporting. meta tags and rich snippets provide the exact result to search engine result. The rich snippet feature can help reach high your sales by enabling crawlers to accurately understand product descriptions.
Your meta descriptions include the relevant detail that helps search engines send you better traffic.

Friendly URL

seo suite ultimate create friendly URL for category page and product page

Automated XML sitemap

seo suite ultimate keeps you away from manual XML sitemap creation and help you generating automatic XML sitemap generation
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Advanced SEO Suite
This is the best plugin for seo and makes your Magento
This is a powerful extension for SEO compliance of your online store. Search engines want you to tune your website perfectly for users and, that may cost a lot to you. The extension automates most of Magento 2 SEO settings and saves the time and money for SEO specialists!
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seo quark extention is best for the rank

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