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Top and best paying affiliate programs?

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What are the top and the most paying affiliate programs you know about? I am kind of thinking about trying luck in affiliate marketing but don't know where to begin?

I am a beginner don't know much so I need a program that is suitable more for beginners?
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I personally like to use affiliate sites that offer a variety of products/advertisers. For things like email submits I like MaxBounty/Peerfly/CPAProsperity. For things like affiliate products I prefer CJ and Clickbank
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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The highest paying Affiliate Program would be ClickBank 70%+ commission
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Reportedly the largest affiliate network LinkShare and Commission Junction.
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Yeah but the commission you earn is directly proportional to the affiliate program you are using right! I mean not all programs pay-off the same!
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Clickbank has some extremely high paying offers, and the Amazon affiliate program also has some it you promote the high-priced items.
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It could not told which affiliate program pays highest, because it depends on time and business. Every affiliate program claims that they are providing highest profit, percentage, or return to their customers. Actually customers know well how much they get from such affiliated programs.
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Have you an updated list of those you ahve found so far? I am also looking for similar programs, 500-1000 per sale, so lets share what we have. Pls pm me with your list. Tx Graham
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CPA networks are good and have many categories
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If you want to make up to $50,000 for a single affiliate transaction, including customer lifetime repeat commissions and commission overrides from sub-affiliates, as well as find some of the best and highest paying affiliate programs, then you will find some of the very select and rare of that kind that can make the cut here:

Check back from time to time as well, as more programs get added if they can make the cut for those which provide the highest payouts for affiliates.
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Top ten best paying affiliate programs are:-
Google Adsense
Amazon Associates
Commission Junction
eBay Partner Network
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Affiliate marketing is all about making money online as soon as possible, there are many networks of affiliate programs which are very useful for making money online. These programs are like:-
CPA Affiliate Networks
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Thanks for sharing,, nice info
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Ad Center for Movie Niche (payouts of between 16-38$ USD per sale)
If you have a movie website, I can help you.
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Don't know about the keywords are given post, but getting more knowledge from it.
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Clickbank hands down.

Also shareasale latest seems to have really good and high converted offers.

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There many affiliate programs and every affiliate program will vary according to the commission structure, payment terms and cookie duration. Thus, you need to select those affiliate programmes that are in accordance to the niche of your website. Kindly also let me know the niche you’re interested in targeting so I can suggest you affiliate programmes related to your particular niche.
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OP your approach seems a bit lame to me. The question should have been the other way around. You could have asked I am in so and so niche and would appreciate if someone could post their experiences with all the legitimate affiliate networks in that specific niche.
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what are the other affiliated program i can look at
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Hello Dear,

There are many Affiliate Program available in web but, Good Affiliate Program:

- Click Bank
- Rakuten
- CJ Affiliate by Conversant
- Amazon Associates
- Shareasale
- ebay
- Avangate
- Flexoffers etc.

- This Affiliate Program is very useful for Online Earning.


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