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Top list of webmaster forums?

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I need to know which webmaster forum do you considered as top or a best one and why? And how many of then allow signature and posting of URLs?
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LOL just Google for "webmaster forum" but there are many great internet marketing and SEO forums that don't show for that query so I suggest you run these 3 queries and check first and second search results page.
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There are many forums you will get over the internet, which are of high PR and give a signature. Well it will depend on the terms and condition of forum that after how many post they are giving allowing to put signature. So read carefully the terms and condition of forums before posting.
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Every webmaster-forum I know allows signature and posting of the URL but dont mistake quality content with spam. I like http://letsforum.com because its well organised and moderated. Also now you can get dofollow backlinks when posting on blogs

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