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Types of Internet Marketing

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I know that internet marketing is something that you must learn if you want to conquer the internet, my question is, what are the different types of internet marketing?
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I would say that internet marketing is composed of:
1. Social marketing
2. Video marketing
3. Article marketing
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Yes!!! There are 3 types of Internet Marketing!!!

1. Article marketing
2. Video marketing
3. Social marketing

These 3 are very effective and best. But social marketing is best way of internet marketing.
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I have to agree with you social media marketing works great because Google loves social media sites and crawls them regularly which allows you to see results very fast
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Some of the best internet marketing forums
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Internet Marketing, likewise referred to as website marketing, or simply web marketing, is without a doubt expected to eclipse classified ads as the second-largest promotional channel across the world.
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Internet marketing is divided into different types: Email Marketing,Inbound Marketing,Social Media Marketing,Display Advertising, Pay per click, Video Marketing, Blogging, Generate Leads,Make Sales, Social Media,  Network Marketing, Community Building.
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One form of Internet marketing that I find really helpful is social media marketing which is very beneficial to your campaign.

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