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Upgrade to Universal Analytics?

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When checking my Google Analytics account I have noticed on top of the screen this message:

Quote:Universal properties created prior to December 2013 may temporarily report doubled Visits counts between the hours of 0500-0800 in the View timezone. This issue corrects itself automatically. We are working on a fix to address this issue as soon as possible.

But now I see this one:

Quote:Universal Analytics is out of beta, and everyone can upgrade!

All Google Analytics features, including the Premium Service Level Agreement and DoubleClick based features like Remarketing, are supported in Universal Analytics.

Could anybody explain if I really need to use this Universal Analytics also what is it and how it works?
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Universal Analytics is simply an update that improves the way traffic data is collected and organized by Google Analytics account.

You can find out more about Universal Analytics by following the link below Smile

Google this topic

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