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Use of Analytics

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Analytics is how marketers now comprehensively gather details about online marketing campaign. It helps show who is visiting your site, where they are coming from, what they view most and how long they stay.
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Google Analytics is a great tool that tells you all you need to know about your internet marketing campaign or eCommerce web-site.

From the reports it generates you can see what pages are more popular and get more traffic (landing page), and what is the bounce rate which it the key to any marketing program.

Learning the behavior of your customers how they use the site will help you to improve it and get better results.
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Analytics is a pretty need tool. I use it every day to check my traffic and landing pages. I will then use this data to improve those pages more.
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SEO analysis is defined as a report that details how a website owner can improve website ranking on popular search engines.
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Google Analytics is a part of SEO, In this you can see the progress of your business or visibility of your website in search Engine. You can show it to your client too and generate report to see progress.
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Use Google analytic tool to find your audience, where are from, what age limit, location and conversions about your website.

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