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Using Debit card inplace of Credit card

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Hey guys....... have you ever thought of using your debit card as credit card, if yes and couldn't find a way for it then this post is necessary for you people to read. Im talking about Entropay ,yes it is entropay first question raised by any human what it is?? why it is ?? and how it is possible?? An EntroPay Account is a prepaid account. The account gives you an EntroPay Virtual Visa Card which you can use to make online purchases wherever Visa is accepted. You can load funds (deposit money) onto an EntroPay Virtual Card using your regular credit or debit card. It is just like making your debit card to virtual credit card

So now actually what is EntroPay Virtual Visa Card?? An EntroPay Virtual Visa card works just like other Visa debit cards but is delivered electronically instead of via a plastic card. Once registration is complete, a 16-digit card number, expiry date and three-digit security number are instantly created and displayed on the screen to the user. Funds are transferred onto a Virtual Visa card from a personal credit card or bank account and are immediately available to spend.

There are no monthly or annual fees with an EntroPay Virtual Card. There fee is the charge on each amount loaded onto an EntroPay Virtual Card. There are no hidden fees.

Now you guys will be thinking why to choose EntroPay? EntroPay is prepaid. This removes credit risk and therefore means it can be given to anyone irrespective of their credit-worthiness. Prepaid also assists users to control their spending. With EntroPay neither personal information nor credit card details are given to the merchant, thereby increasing your security and confidence to spend.

Today, many financial transactions use mechanisms that offer little security or privacy protection, such as credit/debit cards or simple password schemes. Most online purchases use credit/debit cards. In the process, consumers often reveal card numbers and personal information to unknown merchants. Anyone observing card information can use it to make additional purchases and cause you a significant amount of hassle. We have invested years of experience and research into making sure EntroPay protects you.
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I for instance use similar Virtual Card that only works on the internet. It's not "EntroPay Virtual Card" but it works the same way, and yes it's much safer to use prepaid Virtual Card instead of credit card.
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did you mean VCC?
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Then I guess it is much better compared to credit card since you will be the one to create the deposit depending on the amount of the product or service that you want to avail.

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