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Using other PPC networks together with AdSense?

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AdSense only allows 3 ads per page but I have a few free spots that I would like to fill ads from other ad networks, does AdSense allow that?
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Yes they allow it. But are you sure by adding in those extra ads your not going to lower your actual clicks? You sure it will not make your pages look overly spammy and that all you care about is monetizing and not the actual content? There are a ton of factors to put into play here. There is a reason behind Google only allowing 3 on a page, learn about that then decide.
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I was also thinking about placing more ads but I think chod is right more ads may result in lower CTR
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And do honestly believe that if you have so many add it will help you to make more money? To make money with PPC networks has nothing to do with the number of ads you have on your site but it has everything to do with how good you have those ads blended with your content.

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