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Virtual Address For Google Local Verification

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Hello everyone,

We are offering virtual offices in various locations around the globe. Right now we have mass discount offers for US/ Australia/ UK.

Virtual office addresses are ideal for home and service based businesses, they can be used as the registered mailing address for your business and also for things like business cards addresses, packages and domain whois contract information.

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For people who do offline seo these are extremely valuable because they will allow you to setup a local business listing for yourself or your clients and receive the Google local verification card. When its this easy - Why stop at one?

A Virtual Business Address can be yours for $60-$90 depending on your required city.

All individual locations have their own pricing and I can offer you extreme discounts through this offer. So drop me a msg, get hold of me directly at action @ qualityservice. com or comment here if you need more information.

On completion of your order you will recieve the registered e-mail address with all the necessary Virtual Office login details.


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