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Watch Movies Online Free - Should It Be Legal?

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There is no doubt in my mind that almost all of us are watching or had at lest once in our lives used one of many web sites available to watch movies online for free. Many say that this is illegal and websites involved in letting people watch movies online should be closed and banned from search engine but why? The majority of websites are only provide links to video sharing sites they act much like Google only provide search results so I don't see how this could be illegal. Even video sharing sites are not responsible for what users are uploading! People recording new movies in theaters are braking the law and not site that only provide links to watch new movies online! Anyways that's what I think what about you?

Do you believe watching movies online should be legal or not?
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There are many websites that act as online theater where you have to purchase movies before watching them. However regarding websites that are helping in distribution of copied movies, music and video games like "pirate bay" I think they should be shutdown just as "megaupload" and "megavideo"
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All websites that provide link to sites to watch movies online for free are breaking the law and should be closed. There are websites where you can watch movies from home but those sites are not free you have to pay for watching those movies.
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I love watching movies online and I cannot imagine my life without it
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I love to watch movies online. For me this is easy way to watch movies.
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I usually watch movies online.

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