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Web pages with changing content SEO?

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What Google thinks about websites that have their content changing I mean you get different one on each site load? Is it better for seo to have a static or dynamic content?
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Usually it's not a good idea rewriting or changing content. Instead just post a new one! Many websites show new, recently posted content which will change from time to time but changing the entire website content that sounds more like black hat SEO to me.
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What you describing is called "Dynamic web page" and is a page which displays different content each time it's viewed. These types of pages have less chances of being indexed, get rankings and appear in search results as Google won't be able to associate the page with any queries due to constantly changing content.
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If you dillydally change website content on each load then it make Google mad! It's not a good idea to have static content for a long time it's recommended to change it from time to time but the new content has to be relevant to the old one as it will negatively impact SEO and you will lose rankings.

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