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Web-site SEO?

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How to know or find out if my website seo has issues and I need to fix or improve it?
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Use Google webmaster tool to check your sites in seo or not.
You need to fix duplicate content issues and find title tag , meta description that need to be fixed.
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u can check seo issues in seo profiler or webmasters
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Smile it's pretty easy. If the web-site doesn't go up increase in rankings, receives no traffic and has no or little search engine impressions then there are some issues that have to by look at.

Webmaster tools account only gives you most and urgent issues notifications for the rest you either have to hire some SEO expert or do it on your own start by buying some "SEO software" for instance.
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You can use woorank or seo-sitecheckup. It will show the errors and also give the solution to rectify the same.
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Go for site audit tools. Woo rank is one of the best tools as far as I am concerning. It will list all your errors in a detailed manner so that you can correct them.
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If you get no any messages regarding your website in your Google webmaster tools account then it means your website only lacks backlinks and quality content!

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