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Webmaster forum vs SEO forum?

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What is the difference between seo and webmaster forums? They both seem to be discussing the same stuff!
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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SEO forums are more into discussing search engine optimization topics.
Webmaster forums are into discussing SEO, Internet marketing, Website design and development. Pretty much all related to webmaster's world.
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Let I differentiate with an example.

SEO forum [seoforums.org] PR = 5
Not maintained properly by their Admin
I don't think they have moderators inside.
Less SEO Experts involved in the chat
Discussions are limited to SEO, Google/Bing/Yahoo optimization, SMO & Link building.

Most of the SEO forums are properly maintained, but some of them missed to show their purpose of what they built for.

Webmaster Forums [webmasterworld.com] PR = 6
Spam post detector
Well managed by the Admin
Included with lots of Webmasters
Broad Internet category discussions such as Search engines, Marketing, Yahoo/Bing/Microsoft, Browsers, Hardware OS related Issues, Social media, Code issues..etc.
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I too had the same doubts about the difference between both the forums. As far as I see it, the Webmaster forums is a better choice as i think there are more experts in their community.

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