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Website brand?

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What is website brand and how to use it's used in internet marketing?
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Branding is an important thing part of eCommerce! Branding is used to creates like an image in the mind of the clients every time they visit your website therefor you need to have something unique to stand out from competitors like great logo, product or service.
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Thanks any idea how to make this work?
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When will be website is considered as a brand?
When a website receives HITS through the direct searches then via the other ways.

For Ex: Amazon & Ebay are brand sellers, because direct searches are higher for those websites.

When you make the website "BRAND". You don't have to worry about marketing those. The website itself receives direct visits. Branding the website is not an easiest thing, involve in some research to gain the BRAND value.

Branding Process: (up to my knowledge)
Target your audiences - Specify your goal - you do not serve al things to all people.
Competitive analysis - Have a small study about what your competitor does.
Analysing your business - You must need to satisfy each customer
Industry specific - Understand the previous/today/future market.

Re-Analyse - WAIT - Re-Analyse - WAIT - Combine the data collected - Then take your first step.

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