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Website's domain expiration date?

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I am always extend or renew my domain name for a year and many seems to says that I should increase that for several years but for how many?

Is it important in seo to have the domain name expiration date extended for as long as possible?
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Yes the domain name age and expiration date is important in SEO as it represents trust and authority in the ayes of Google!

This is important as the majority of online business websites don't last very long due to the fact that either they had no idea about SEO and internet marketing or they just hopped to hit it big and make a ton of money doing nothing Smile

Renew your domain for 2 year ahead that that should give you plenty of margin!
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The domain name,age and expiration date is important in SEO.
So,By logging into your domain service providers account and check
domain registrar account and list expiring domain.
and set all domains to auto renewal.
Finally, make sure your payment information is upto date to avoid delays.
Use free windows software for any information about free domain remainder utility
for Windows XP / Vista, please add them in the comments.

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