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Website speed SEO?

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Why website speed AKA load time is such an important factor in seo? I though backlinks and content is on to of the list!
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Case if the website loads fast then it's an indication that the website had done great on-page optimization. Website that takes long time to load usually indicates:

Lots of W3C errors, advertising, popups, and pretty much spam related content, I mean content that is not very user-friendly.
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I agree with @marcus comments

If the website speed is too fast, Google and other engines can crawl all the websites pages daily without any issues.

Check with Google Webmaster tools for the drastic changes in Crawl rate when your website loads fast.
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images are the main reason for the low page speed, use a plugin for that, reduce the size of the images.
optimise your site by using minimum plugins.
get hosting from a good server.
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Website speed have reasonable value, Because it reduce bounce rate as well as indicate good optimized website if website speed high. If website speed is low than it will take more time to load and visitor will leave from website without visiting web services and products. OFF SEO strategy only help to get rank on search engine, but other factors are equally important.

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