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Website traffic How do i get free traffic?

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I am pretty sure you might hear this question hundreds of times "how to get traffic to a website". Sure you can generate tons of traffic paying for it my I am one of those webmasters that doesn't have much money to spend!

So are there any good ways to generate traffic for free?
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kk, i got it even i was same position few months ago.. you need to seo on your website i.e it consist of on-page and off-page



bec i can share 1 video in 1 post so i am doing 2nd post

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For a new website it's better to use social media sites and bookmarking networks to generate traffic to website. on-page and off-page must be accomplished!

These days content is the KEY to SEO so make sure you publish high quality and original content!
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Initially identify the category of the website and submit your site in niche websites, be regular in social media, create an blog containing unique contents with catchy titles.
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Through proper SEO you can get organic traffic for your website. So first you have start from on page optimization.
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(01-18-2015 07:06 PM)miami boy Wrote:  I am pretty sure you might hear this question hundreds of times "how to get traffic to a website". Sure you can generate tons of traffic pay...

Buddy Just try the below things!
1. An useful powerpoint presentation - Title should starts from "How to" "Tips for" - Share on all the powerpoint sharing portals like slideshare, issuu, slideboom and more...
2. Pinterest - Stay and update the pins daily
3. Add your pages - Backlinks pages - regularly
4. Add your business in the business directories
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You can get traffic by investing in CPM advertising. You can find a DSP like Bluagile where the traffic inventory is large since DSPs are connected with a lot of ad exchanges.
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You can SEO and SMM which are the cost effective techniques to generate free traffic for your website.

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