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Website traffic source check online tool?

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I wanna spy on my competitors websites and I would like to know where their traffic is cumming from are there any tools online available that can tell me traffic sources?
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Have you checked alexa.com it's pretty accurate and free mostly Smile
I recommend spyfu.com is just amazing service that has whole bunch of SEO re-search tools.
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You can use ahrefs tool for searching your url traffic.
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You need to know the main traffic source of your competitor's, right?
Great question! But I am confused a bit @ZorroSmile

We have many on-line tools to check the websites back-links, but it doesn't stats the main traffic sources of that website.

Ahrefs, backlinkswatch and SEOMoz helps to analyse the backlinks of any website, with those results we can make some judgements about the traffic sources of the competitors websites.

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