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Websites like adf ly?

make money online
CoolGuy Offline referral

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Suggest me some best paying websites like adf(.)ly.
invisibe_dude Offline referral

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Posting Freak
Here are top 5 best URL shortening sites:
CoolGuy Offline referral

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Buddy! All these 5 links provide me cash? when I got come clicks through that?
yass100 Offline referral

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i used adfly its not so much good and its give very low rate, i think you should try adversal or popup its better then this #@$%!!! ads
pimple22 Offline referral

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owl ly is also 1 of them
LaurenA Offline referral

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I do use bit.ly and so far it works.
apsarasisodia Offline referral

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I use goo.gl and bitly for shortening the link. They are free and load faster.
ekta0071 Offline referral

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MySurvey is one of them. try this.
hipporeview Offline referral

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He is asking about making money website, not shorten link website.
* Shorte .st
* Ouo .io
* LinkShrink
* Linkbucks
* LinkPaid
* Gcash

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