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What Is Seo Strategy These Days

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Hi Friends,
I have to get Ranking in Google for two competitive keywords but after penguin updates it becomes tough. Please let me know which technique should be use to get quick response from Google.
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You do not share enough details !!! A blanket question that states nothing about the keywords or even what this magical site is.

Also if you have not learned by now that nothing that is good for SEO can be done quickly. White Hat SEO takes time.

Lastly I recommended that anyone reading this NOT reply until Alex actually gives real details for once and replied back to his own thread!!!!

Also Alex if you would actually search or even look through the forums there was a post I did yesterday that would help you our DRASTICALLY with SEO. Yet I see not response from you in there only flooding the boards with tons of questions you will NEVER reply to. Try searching for once and you will find it. Search for Must Read.
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