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What Is the Difference between Worse and Worst?

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I am sorry it's quite embarrassing but I can't understand How to use worse and worst, I mean until now I always used worse but yesterday watching my favorite TV Channel I found out that there is a word worst which means the same thing as worse so what is the difference between them?
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Don't worry it's easy to understand the difference between Worse and Worst.
You use worse when comparing two things: "Your car is worse than mine"
You use worst when stating that one thing is inferior than other: "Worst car ever"
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geraldine-rose gave very good examples. As for 'I hope' and 'I hope that', in many contexts they mean the same thing: 'I hope you feel better now' or 'I hope that you feel better now'. But 'I hope for a new beginning', not 'I hope that for a new beginning'.

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