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What SEO does MYBB forum needs?

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I had started using MYBB forum software a month ago at first just to check but now I am thinking about starting my own online discussion forum that will be powered by MYBB and I need to know what seo does MYBB forum needs? I don't think I have to apply all seo tricks to my forum to make it rank high on Google!
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MyBB is just a forum script similar to website template, it had been designed to be search engine friendly but SEO is entirely up to administrator or webmaster!

Quote:I don't think I have to apply all SEO tricks to my forum to make it rank high on Google!
You only have to use those SEO techniques that work and don't try every single of them because some tricks could actually hurt your SEO!
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MYBB or not any website needs good content and whole lot of backlinks to improve its SEO.

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