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What SEO techniques should be avoided 2014?

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If you Google for seo or search engine optimization you'll get all kinds of articles that describe different ways, tips, tricks and techniques to improve rankings, PageRank, get traffic you name it. But since the majority of those seo Articles had been written a couple of years ago there is no way they all have work! So what seo techniques should we avoid this year 2014?
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Well you can use all of them if they don't work then no big deal they won't huts your SEO! But remember there are 2 SEO types!

"White hat SEO" and "Black hat SEO" I do not recommend using the second one because even if it woks there is a really good chance you could get banned from search engine (Google) for using it!
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While doing Article and Guest posting make sure the website with high PR, DA and PA, also do not give many links from your website, give one or two links are enough for your website those are must related to the article and not give a like for money keywords.(which are mush popular in the search).

Directory submission - Most of the people confused with submissions, if your website is new you can do directory submissions on high PR websites who list your website in a week, most of the directory websites accept your website link but they dont put on online for many months. So check before you submit here.

Forum Posting - I think this is the good option for everyone these days, Participate on forums discussion with your signature links.(Find the popular forums website like Letsforum, dreamteammoney,digital forums,warrior etc..) where the more people to come and check everyday threads.
Most of the Forums websites signatures are no-follow, no need to give your signature link if you dont want, people will check your website with your keyword on signature if they interested.

Do classifieds posting - It will brings more customers by checking your product description, Must give a attractive title and detailed description with your contact details, Do on popular website like click.in,dragg.in Indialist,olx, etc..

Video sharing - create videos and share on multiple video sharing websites like YT dailymotion, vimeo etc..
Slide sharing - Create and share slide on slide sharing websites like slideshare.net
Image sharing is also help for SEO.
Important part is must share everything what you did for Off-page on Social media like Google+,Facebook,Pinterest and Twitter.
Do Question and Answers on Yahoo, Quora, ask, answers,answersbag etc..


Hope these help for Off-Page SEO.
Thank you.
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@Draggin, its great to read your post, very helpful for SEO people thank you,
You can add blog commenting along with those SEO Off-page techniques.
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I have heard good things about forum posting and using forum signature to improve SEO like getting traffic and backlinks, so the article was saying that despite the fact that signature links are nofollow they still improve off-page optimization! What do you think?

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