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What Social Media Mistakes Needs to Avoid?

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What Social Media Mistakes Needs to Avoid?
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Spreading yourself too thin: Just because a social network exists doesn't mean you need to be part of it! It is better to focus on a few networks where you know your target market is actively looking to engage with you than to try to do it all and failing
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  1. Not able to create a good social media marketing strategy
  2. use over automation
  3. Not remember the basics
  4. Violation of terms and conditions
  5. Using hashtags in ill-mannered ways
  6. Ignoring the content
  7. Focusing on the erroneous metrics
  8. Trying To Do It All
  9. Getting Personal
  10. Ignoring To Accept the defeat
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Common mistakes are available on google. Just search for it and you will get it. If you can share what you are doing, we can say if you are making any mistake or need any correction.
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Sharing it with irrelevant people!
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1.Multiple posts of similar content
2.Poor quality photos
4.Poor grammar and spell-checking
5.Mixing personal and business profiles
6.Disrespecting privacy
7.Put-downs and negative comments
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Failing to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy.
Your Target Audience.
Dealing with Social Media Negative Feedback.
Promoting yourself a lot.
Very Little Interaction.
“Set It and Forget It” Mentality.
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The main thing is should not mingle both personal and business account at any moment. Avoid sharing unnecessary links which will affect your follower's mind. Update your status everyday or regular interval of time. which shows you re so active in Social Media.

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