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What are best marketing strategies, tips and tricks?

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I remember watching a documentary on National Geographic channel about the power of persuasion and how it's used by marketers to get more customers and of-course to get more sales. The documentary only briefly talked about persuasion so I have decided to create this topic and ask if someone would be willing to share marketing strategies tips and tricks here.
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Try using bold text in your advertising message, don't forget to mention that most people are extremely satisfied with your product, also increase price of your produce by 20% then add text saying that first costumers will get 20% off you lose nothing as the price remains the same most costumers will fall for it because people love discounts!
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Use cool images, they help a lot for marketing
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Make sure that your work on websites associated to your website to gain more followers and loyal audience.
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Post engaging content. People/consumers want to get involved with marketing gimmicks. Some people also want information, so try to post infographics once in a while.
For offline marketing, consumers want free samples or trials of your product so don't be afraid to hand out samples/testers or give them trial period/s of the services you offer.
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OffPage SEO is the best tactics which different kind of concept like blog commenting, social sharing and more which are help for increase of traffic.
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Content will matter the most so ensure that you'll be able to post quality and engaging content. Attach significant image as well and use social media to create brand awareness.
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One of the most effective ways to use outdoor advertising these times is in a supplemental capacity. Due to its exclusive strengths and features, outdoor can be used to support campaigns conducted across multiple platforms.

A good example is the use of billboards. Billboards do not have a lot of time to grab and hold an viewers interest, which makes them less than ideal for communicating long and complex messaging. However, they’re the ideal medium to use short and bold messaging that supports and reinforces the overall message of a more complex campaign.
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Offline Marketing Strategies that Support Your Business:

1. Print Publications
While you won’t give you the same SEO advantages as an online link back to your web site, print publications still have a valuable place in offline market. Obtaining relevant position in industry magazines and publications will help increase your brand visibility and showcase your expertise. Include print opportunities as part of your blogger outreach strategy and keep an eye out for opportunities to appear in both an online and print version of a publication.

2. Print advertisements
Print advertisements are best placed in highly targeted publications where you can guarantee members of your target viewers will see your ad. If possible, include a URL or a QR code in the print advertisement to send visitors to the landing page, which will help you track these campaigns better.
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Offline Marketing Strategies that Support Your Online Brand
1. Networking-Face-to-face connections are still a valuable form of networking and can help drive traffic to your website when your new connections are inspired to learn more about you and your firm.

2. Speaking Engagements In-person speaking engagements are a tremendous marketing possibility for a number of reasons. Initially and foremost, a speaking engagement puts you in front of a highly focused and interested audience that is already primed and ready to pay interest to what you have to say.
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Take a stab at utilizing intense content as a part of your promoting message, bear in mind to specify that a great many people are to a great degree happy with your item, additionally increment cost of your create by 20% then include content saying that first costumers will get 20% off you don't lose anything as the value continues as before most costumers will get bulldozed by it since individuals cherish rebates!
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Improve Your SEO
SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a game changing tool for marketers. Prioritizing visual articles on your web site adds the benefit of building your SEO ranking. Graphics such as pictures, infographics and video are much more engaging than any plain text and therefore make a search more relevant to any consumer.
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An association's procedure consolidates the majority of its promoting objectives into one far-reaching arrangement. A decent marketing technique ought to be drawn from statistical surveying and concentrate on the item blend with a specific end goal to accomplish the most extreme benefit and manage the business.A marketing arrangement is a composed report that blueprints in extraordinary detail what the association would like to fulfill by taking after the arrangement. The arrangement ought to have particular techniques when actualized and will help the association accomplish its objectives.
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Offline marketing is not a one time shot. In fact it's a year-in year-out process that demands for physical and mentally-stirring labor. So I guess "tips and tricks" wont do much if you want to leap in greater lengths.

Working in a company that do various brand management, I am aware that each marketing stage plays an integral part of the overall result--starting from the product/service briefing, to creating campaign, up to running tradeshow/event. So I suggest, choosing strategic and well-composed approach that you can use long term is a smarter way to boost brand awareness and indeed ROI. One example would be to have an ex deal with publications where you can get to make your product publicly known in a certain period of time.

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