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What are the best SEO tricks for Appstores?

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What are the best seo tricks for Appstores?
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I don't play tricky actions with Appstores, but when integrating with Appnext I done some seo friendly tasks.

1. Suitable title
2. Perfect description - Keywords included description
3. Unique eye-catching images
4. Make my friends and referrals to increase the downloads count and used to bot for increasing the downloads count which runs using proxies (If Google find this then they will suspend your app).
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When you go to let say Google Play store and search for some APP you get a list that contains tons of them! Now the majority of us don't pay attention to the title neither to the description but we DO pay attention to the thumbnail/label image. People tend to chose apps based on their label images that is why it's so important to design a good one.

Check you competitors and come up with better looking search results image as that it the key to get high CTR.
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marcus_avrelius Smile thanks i got info.. how to get listed in google play.
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Best tricks for App store is select the proper category for your app, and eye catching images with screen shots. And best way to promote your app by submitting your app apk file to downloading sites ex: CNET etc. there are many downloading and reviewing sites in the market by giving the proper details. Your app gets listed in those sites and download rate also increases.
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good to know. Thanks marcus_avrelius, best method to promote appstores. Its new thing to me.
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SEO totally depend on Keywords or content, Use keywords in content with a fix keywords density.
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Keywords Rich Title
Well described Description
Include screenshots and videos
Localize your app listing
Increase traffic with outside promotion
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Optimize Your Site With Mobile in Mind
Mobile optimization is not just user-friendly, it is Google friendly too. So, if you want to make sure that you are ranking higher than before, you need to devise a strategy with mobile in mind. Apps and responsive design are vital to your success. Google has mentioned that it loves responsive design as it feels that it has the customer in mind.

Do not Forget About Bing and Yahoo.
Okay, so protecting the top spot on Google is the ultimate dream. But, you need to think outside of the Google box. With this in mind, consider the other search engines. Yes, there are others. Bing and Yahoo are used widely by a lot of people.
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You mean how to SEO optimise an Application page on an App store like Google Play?
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Mobile optimization is not just user-friendly, it is Search engines helpful too. So, if you want to ensure that you are position greater than before, you need to develop an approach with mobile under consideration. Applications and sensitive style are important to your achievements.

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