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What are the best keyword crawling strategies for an advertising website?

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Hi guys, i have a website named sarojads which is an advertising agency in bangalore, i have been doing seo on this site from so many days, but the problem is the keywords are not stable in search engine they are changing their position every day. Can somebody help me with the best keyword crawling strategies which will be helpful for my website. Thank you
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Well if you only was doing SEO for days then don't expect any miracle soon as it takes around 2 month for the results to start shoving up.

Search engine optimization is a bit different these days! To get better AKA increase rankings for some keyword you first have to make sure the web-page is relevant to it meaning contains content rich in keywords relevant to the keywords you are trying to rank high for!

Meta tag Title and description as well as H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 tags contains them too.

The backlinks have to be coming from high rankings relevant to your niche web-sites. Social media pages and profiles also have to be relevant to those keywords.

Every time you share your link make sure that keyword is present!

Important. What matters for Google is the above-fold content if you put it at the bottom of the page below-fold it will have little effect!
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Place the H1 tag once in the Title and H1
Place your secondary keywords in the H2 tags
Meta description is filled with location keywords, needs to optimize
1 alt tag is missing
Create a custom 404 pages
Website speed is too low - Check with Google page speed insights
Mobile optimization is 40%
Desktop optimization is 47%

Increase it to 86% or above.
Once you done this, sure you will get some improvement.

Still many things to be done...related to content optimization. Get back to us once you setup all the above.

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