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What are the best techniques tips and tricks to get fast indexing?

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How can I get my web-site content indexed fast? What are the latest and the newest tactics, techniques, tips and trick you know about?

Please share it!
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there is trick like share your post to googleplus automatically it shall be indexed or go to google webmaster tool and submit the sitemap of your website
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For indexing website you can do directories submission, Forum posting, yahoo answering and also work on social media platform.
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It is essential that you follow search engine rules and work on sites linked to your campaigns.
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Submitting sitemap.xml is one of the way to get indexed fast.
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Do classified postings which is useful for promoting any website into the world which in turn helps your website to get indexed fast. Forum posting. commenting and blog posting also helps a lot.
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Dofollow backlinks is the best way to get some content indexed fast! However it's now easy to get them Wink
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Submitting sitemap & fetching them in Google webmaster is one of the way. Apart from this generate quality links from high reputation sites.
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Every time you post new content ping it using pingler.com or pingomatic.com

Alternatively you can resubmit or ping the entire sitemap!
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Latest and newest tactics are link building, article submission, blog posting, PDF posting, social bookmarking, forum commenting, press release, and many others. These all SEO techniques are helpful in improving website rank.

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