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What are the most important internet marketing factors?

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internet marketing has so many factors to take into consideration but I am pretty sure there have to be a few very important ones what are they?
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That would be get as much exposure as possible in other words all is directed to get more traffic Smile
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1) Focus on return on investment 2) Keep trying to achieve goal 3) Do data analysis 4) Make video tutorial for your products/service 5) Make marketing strategy 6) Choose right platform for your business 7) Do attention for your audience feedback
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The most important thing in internet marketing is knowing your audience. Knowing your audience allows you to execute the rest of your internet marketing strategy well. Once you are familiar with your readers and followers you can produce content that is interesting and relevant to them. You can then share it on social media platforms that your audience is on and uses. The more your content fits your audience, the more loyal and engaged they will be with your brand.
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Setting up and maintaining a digital marketing strategy is an on-going relationship, it's methodical, well planned and highly integrated.
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focus content and high quality link building

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