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What does it mean "website niche"?

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What is the meaning of website niche? I know a little about keywords targeting but thing expression I can't understand!
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It means pretty much some like category your website is relevant to, basically it means the keywords you target.

Like for instance "SEO" that would be your niche and you will be targeting all keywords relevant to it.
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Exactly like invisible_dude mentioned here. A niche is the industry/target audience for your website. Say you sold web hosting on your site, then you niche would be "web hosting"...say you sold makeup on your site, then you niche would be "beauty".. etc.
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A niche website is a theme based website that is focused on one particular topic or subject or simply your domain.
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A niche website is designed according to specific topic. It only targets & focuses all the aspects about that given topic only.

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