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What factor is most responsible for users getting banned from Adsnese?

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What thing should be avoided at all cost when making money with Adsense? I mean they don't usually ban people from Adsense for minor mistake! But there is gotta be one that they just don't tolerate and ban you right away which one is it?
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I bet that is prohibited: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1348688?hl=en
And invalid clicks (you know clicking on your own ads)
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When you are not following Google Adsense policies and programs.
Invalid Traffic at multiple times
Where you publish ads on website. How many times, ads limits
Website relevancy
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Support Team
Clicking on your #AdsenseAds or encourage others to click on your ads will get you banned from #Adsense in a heartbeat.
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1.Click Bombing
2. Use Bot Or Generate Irrelevant Traffic
3 Click The Ads On Your Own Site
4 . Ads Placement That Deceive Users To Click Accidentally
5 . Poor Quality Content

These are the common reason why people get banned in adsense.
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When someone first heard of Ad Sense and the huge amount of money you can make, they have no time to think of what can go wrong and the high possible risk they are entailing their self in .

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