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What is CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA, SEM in online marketing?

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Can anybody tell me the meaning of CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA, SEM and what purpose do these play in the internet marketing?
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CPM - "Cost Per Thousand Impressions"
CPC - "Cost Per Click"
CPL - "Cost Per Lead"
CPA - "Cost Per Action"
SEM - "Search Engine Marketing"
PPD - "Pay Per Download"
PPV - "Pay Per View"
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obviously these abbreviations are for different kinds of affiliate marketing and all have different pricing.
For Advertisers it is CPC = Cost per click and for publishers it is PTC = paid to click.
PPD is the result of Content locking and link locking. and gave a revolution in CPA advertising model.
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Thanks for explanation dear
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CPM - Cost per thousand,CPC - Cost per click, CPL - Cost per lead, CPA - Cost per acquisition / action,
SEM - Search engine marketing. All are paid services for increasing visibilty on search engine of your website.
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CPM = Cost per Milli (Roman number), same thing as CPT = Cost per Thousand.
CPC stands for Cost per Click.
CPL stands for Cost per Lead.
CPA stands for Cost per Action.
SEM stands for Search Enginge marketing.

Google them all and find out exactly what role are they playing in the internet marketing.
For any further question, do not hesitate to ask me.
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CPC (Cost Per Click) - Advertising Pay per click. This form of advertising is really effective because it aims to exactly target customers interested in the products or services your company and the people with real needs.
CPM "cost per 1000 impressions":Cost per thousand impressions, often abbreviated to CPI or CPM is the phrase used in online marketing related to web traffic.
CPA (Cost per Action), also known by other names such as: CPL (Cost per Lead) or CPS (Cost per Sales). This type of advertising has the highest requirements in the form above, but in return you to earn the most money if they perform well.
SEM stands for the term: Search Engine Marketing Vietnamese translation means "Marketing on search engines."
Understand exactly the SEM is one form of online marketing, applied to the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo ...
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CPC stands for cost per click where you will get paid on the basis of click, while CPA and CPS are both based on acquisition or sale.

Google this topic

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