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What is Cloaking in SEO?

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Reading some seo articles I have stumbled upon this seo technique called "cloacking", the article didn't really described what cloacking is and how it's used in seo so I am here to find out what is clocking and why should I not Cloak a web site?
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Cloaking is used in SEO for improving website ranking! Normally a website only has one content or text for both users and search engine but with cloaking you create 2 contents one is used for users (traffic) and other is used for search engine crawlers to gain rankings this is 100% black-hat SEO and can get your website banned from search engine so I don't recommend using it!
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Many webmasters think they can outsmart Google and increase their PageRank and rankings by displaying different content for Google search engine than for the users come on this is year 2014 not 1996 Google is way too intelligent to figure it out. The outcome of this can be disastrous for the website, most likely permanent ban from search engine!
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Cloaking is considered a black hat form of SEO designed to trick search engine crawlers into boosting a web page's search results ranking.

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