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What is Conversion Rate in SEO?

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What role does Conversion Rate play in seo and what it is, how to use and so on?
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For Ex: If your website gets 100 hits/day. It doesn't mean that you will get 100 customers - Converting the user to customers is the key of any business success.

Every business needs to concentrate on this - Increase in the conversion rate helps business grow & return your ROI very soon. We need to show the user that we are a branded/trust-able/flexible company that we will serve the business than your expectation.

Conversion rate involves:
1. Landing page optimization
2. Branding
3. Good reviews
4. Offering Claims/Money back policies/Warranties/Guarantees...etc
5. Users trust the Top 3 websites mostly (This is why we are focusing on Google Ad-words & SEO)
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A conversion rate is a percentage or a number of visitors that performed the desired action.
PPC CTR is a great example since it tells you how many visitors had actually clicked on the ad (performed desired action).
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Conversion rate of a website is the measurement of the success of a paid inclusion campaign.

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