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What is Google Page layout Algorithm

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What is Google Page layout Algorithm?
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The majority or webmasters design their websites to make money in mind, so they build the website to maximize earnings, and this makes website not very user friendly. So Google realized that and created this "Google Page layout Algorithm" that looks specifically for this type of website. Google is known to don't like websites with bad content so this will help Google to deliver better search results. You can find out more at Google webmaster blog: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.c...ement.html
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Bad content is not the same as this, this all has to do with Ad placements and where in your page it is being placed. When google states about content they are meaning original non copied content.
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- Poor content will be totally different from this specific, this specific most is due to Advertisement positionings and also in which with your page it's becoming located. As soon as yahoo and google claims concerning content they are this means first non ripped content.
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Google is a search engine. You search for something and Google does its best to return relevant results for your search.
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I am hearing first time of this words.

Google this topic

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