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What is "Link Wheel" black hat technique?

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How do you explain "Link Wheel"? What is it used for and what role does it play in seo? Is it one of those black hat techniques that are not recommended?
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The Link Wheel is a complex link building strategy designed to help you improve your search engine optimization, to rank your website better in the search engines and to get more targeted traffic.
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You are probably familiar with these black hat techniques called: reciprocal links and link farms now since top search engines ignore them webmasters use "Link Wheel" tactic which mean a group of relevant websites sharing links between this way.

You have 3 sites A, B and C

Site A links back to site B which then links to site C which in turn links back to site A
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Link wheel is defined as one of the many manipulative strategies used in internet marketing and search engine optimization to attempt to drive visitors to a website.

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