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What is Off Page Optimization...??

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What is Off Page Optimization...??
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Search engine optimization (SEO) means that you optimize your website/blog for search engine, work takes place within your blog/website, Off page optimization means that SEO takes place outside your website, in order words backlinks building is Off page optimization
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I would consider "Off Page Optimization" as the process of getting back-links and traffic!
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What ever action we do outside of the website to promote/bringing traffic is off-site optmization
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OFF page SEO is one part of Search Engine Optimization and in terminology it covers 80% of your SEO effort should apply to it to receive a high ranking on the search engines. OFF pages deals about getting votes from other websites having high PR, quality and trusted websites. If you have such votes Google and other search engines awards you a PR on their engines. Mostly, if you do it right and if Google awards you a credit the other will follow. To understand more about OFF Pages SEO Technics refer Moz website.
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Best off page techniques are
1)Directory submissions
2)Press release submissions
3)web 2.0 link building sites
4)forum submissions.
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Search Engine Optimization - Off-page and On-page
Offpage is the process of promote a website for more traffic and rank on Search engines.
There are some Off-page SEO Techniques for promote a website/blog
....Article submissions
Classifieds submissions
Press release
blog creating/commenting
Directory submissions
Social Bookmarking
Social Media Promotions
Image and Video Submission
PPT and PDF submissions
Questions & Answers
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