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What is Page CTR, CPC and Page RPM?

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Hi I am new to all this money making with Adsense, so I am wondering what is Adsense CTR, CPC and RPM?
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CTR = Click Through Rate as a %, divide the # of clicks by the # of page views or # of ad impressions
CPC = Cost Per Click as an average of what you are getting for each click, so it's total earnings divided by # of clicks
RPM = Rate Per 1000 Impressions, is just a reference # of what you are currently earning (or would be earning) for every 1000 impressions and not what you are actually earning or will be paid.. Take total earnings divided by # of page views or ad impressions multiplied by 1000. So whether you are actually getting 1000 impressions or not doesn't matter.
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CPC (Cost Per Click) it's not exactly correct what AdSense does is to divide "Estimated earnings" by Clicks and they get CPC. So you can have 6 clicks and estimated earnings shows €10 from which 1 click had CPC €5 and other 5 remaining clicks had CPC €1 so AdSense will tell you that your CPC is €1.6
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"CTR = Click Through Rate" is the most important factor as it tells you if you are getting relevant Ads and if they are well blended with the content!

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