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What is Pagination in SEO?

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What is the meaning of Pagination in seo?
invisibe_dude Offline referral

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Lets say you have an article that has 30 replies so to make it more user friendly in terms of browsing or searching it's better to split the post into 3 pages containing 10 replies each. This is called pagination and it's not very SEO-friendly as in many cases it can cause duplicate meta tags issue.
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I never hear also about Pagination in SEO ! I try to know about Pagination on Google & I found ! Pagination is one of the Best way organizing the Numbers of Data in a Website for Making it more easy, useful & friendly ! I just got it only !
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Users don't like pagination so is Goggle! It's bad for SEO so if you can it's better not use it. In mean time make sure to use rel=“next” and rel=“prev”

Pagination and SEO

maxout Offline referral

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I don't like using it I like to see the entire content on one page.
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When done properly it actually beneficial for SEO as there is a huge difference between loading 10 posts page and 30 one! It decreases load time this is crucial for higher rankings.

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